easyfundraising vs Social Sponsoring

What to take into account when choosing between easyfundraising and Social Sponsoring

There are several organizations that enable fundraising through online shopping. Charities, sports clubs and other initiatives can earn additional sponsorship revenues through online shopping by fans, friends and family that are involved with their good cause. Two products that enable fundraising through online shopping are easyfundraising and Social Sponsoring. While the concept of both funding methods is essentially the same, the implementation is rather different. In this publication we compare easyfundraising with Social Sponsoring and elaborate on when to choose for which one. Whatever you do, make sure that your good cause is making use of fundraising through online shopping because it is always free to use and online shopping is an ever growing market. It would be a shame to miss out on the additional revenues that can be generated through online shopping.

The first thing to take into account when making a choice between easyfundraising and Social Sponsoring is the country that your members, fans, family and friends are situated in. easyfundraising is designed for use in the United Kingdom only. Therefore, the webshops that will be sponsoring your good cause will be mainly from the United Kingdom and revenues will always be shown in British Pound Sterling. Social Sponsoring on the other hand, operates worldwide and partners with sponsors from all over the world. So if your organization has members all over the world, Social Sponsoring would definitely be the best choice. Also when your organization is based in another country than the UK, Social Sponsoring would probably be the best choice.

You might want to take into consideration how hard it will be for your members and fans to sponsor your charity. Are there any additional actions required before you can start donating? It turns out that at Social Sponsoring you can start sponsoring right away. However, at easyfundraising, people who want to support your good cause are required to create an account first, resulting in an additional barrier before people will start donating to your organization. One reason that easyfundraising is requiring people to create an account first is that they can track individuals and show score boards of who are donating the most to a certain cause. Another reason is that easyfundraising is able to send around e-mails to all subscribers to increase revenues. You might ask yourself whether you want your members to be receiving more e-mail these days. One might also wonder whether people want to be identified personally as sponsors. When you want your members to receive deals and offers on a daily to weekly basis, you should chose for easyfundraising.

One of the most important factors in choosing the right fundraising platform for online shopping is how much will be donated to your cause with every purchase. It turns out that Social Sponsoring provides higher donations than easyfundraising. For example, with Social Sponsoring you can earn up to 6% on a booking at booking.com whereas at easyfundraising you will receive only £4.35. Another example is Adidas: with Social Sponsoring, 5.25% will be donated to your cause whereas easyfundraising will only donate 3.5%. As a last example we take Groupon. Through Social Sponsoring, donations via Groupon can result in donations of up to 9% of the costs of the product whereas easyfundraising will only donate up to 5%. However, it must be noted that easyfundraising does have way more sponsors than Social Sponsoring at the moment. Where easyfundraising has partnered with over 2700 webshops, Social Sponsoring is far behind with only just over a 100 connected sponsors. If you want your members to be able to donate with their purchases at many of the smaller webshops in the UK, you should definitely choose for easyfundraising.

An interesting aspect that you might also want to take into account before making up your mind is the degree into which the product can be branded according to the corporate identity of your organization. Except for uploading a logo you won’t find any possibilities at easyfundraising. Social Sponsoring makes it possible to style your own Sponsormeter in the colors of your own organization. You can also specify a specific goal and target amount to save money for. This Sponsormeter can then be placed on the homepage of your cause or any other webpage you want. It is also possible to integrate the Sponsor overview with the Facebook page of your cause. If you are looking for customization and integration you should look no further and go with Social Sponsoring.

In the end, we just want you to join Social Sponsoring, obviously. But it seems fair to us that we also show that there are other possibilities out there. We hope that this publication gives you the information you need in choosing between easyfundraising and Social Sponsoring. If you are interested in Social Sponsoring for your cause, you can Sign your good cause up for free here.

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