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Social Sponsoring Worldwide enters beta phase

Social Sponsoring is well on schedule towards the release of Social Sponsoring Worldwide. A few months ago the release date of Social Sponsoring Worldwide was announced and it seems like Social Checkpoint is right on track. Though initially the plan was to release Social Sponsoring only in a limited number of countries such as the United Stated and the United Kingdom, Social Sponsoring will be simultaneously released in virtually all countries.

Social Sponsoring Worldwide is now officially in its beta stage and people who cannot wait for the actual release can now Sign up for a beta account via We do not guarantee that everything will keep working properly during the beta phase but in practice people should have little problems using the beta product. However, users should be aware of the fact that Social Sponsoring Worldwide is still under continuous development. People who sign up for the beta version are encouraged to send feedback to us when they come across issues.

Currently the number of webshops in most countries is still rather limited. We are working hard to cooperate with more famous sponsors that operate worldwide. This way, every organization can benefit from a larger group of sponsors regardless of the country you are from. Social Sponsoring already features, Alixpress,, Reebok, Adidas, iTunes, Singapore Airlines and a few more. We created an initial list of companies that we would love to add to the portfolio of Social Sponsoring. Some major players we identified are Dell, Nike, Zappos,, eBay, Net-a-Porter, Sony, Staples and Target. The list goes on and on and we are looking for an efficient way to make them all sponsors via Social Sponsoring. Do you know a potential sponsor for Social Sponsoring that cannot be missed in your country? Maybe you are from Japan or Spain, what webshops are being used there on a regular basis? Please let us know, so that we can check whether it is possible to get them involved with Social Sponsoring.

Social Sponsoring Worldwide will initially be available in English only. We are still working on an English promotional video for Social Sponsoring, but most of the website has already been translated.

Internationalizing an application comes with challenges. Here we will mention some of them that we encountered. First of all, we needed to translate everything into a language that is spoken by many people worldwide. In our case the choice for English was obvious because it is one that we can actually sort of speak ourselves. Most of the translating work has been finished, but there are still some loose ends. Furthermore, we wanted to support multiple currencies. A nonprofit organization from the US prefers to earn US dollars whereas a sports club in the United Kingdom would prefer to see earnings in British Pound Sterling. Social Sponsoring supports 156 currencies including the dollar, pound, euro and yen. One last challenge, which is specific to Social Sponsoring, is the huge number of webshops that are out there. Integrating all of them into Social Sponsoring will be a challenging task. For now, we will focus on the ones with the biggest market shares.

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