Semi-Finalists Philips Innovation Award 2015

Social Sponsoring reaches semi-finals Philips Innovation Award 2015

Thursday, the 5th of March 2015, the semi-finalists of the Philips Innovation Award 2015 were announced. We are proud that Social Sponsoring was one of the 10 selected semi-finalists! The Philips Innovation Award is the biggest entrepreneurial award for students and graduates in the Netherlands. The goal of this award is to stimulate innovative entrepreneurship among generation Y: people who were born between the early 1980s and the early 2000s. Everyone with an innovative idea who is starting a business during or right after his or her studies should participate in the Philips Innovation Award: it will provide you valuable feedback from business experts and help you to get your name out. And not to forget, there is a great prize to win!

Together with 9 other initiatives Social Sponsoring was selected from a pool of over 150 participants. Here comes an overview of the 10 semi-finalists.

Athom plays in on the ongoing trend of the Internet of Things. Specifically, Athom enables you to interact with your home and your devices in the way you interact with anyone else: using natural, spoken commands. They want to provide you with one interface to everything in your house: from lights to music and your door lock to your household machines.

Bleeve is an online platform that guides you on how to preserve your house. According to them, in 2015, an average household spends about one month salary on energy bills. They want to become the shortest route to an energy efficient and comfortable home. Currently they are focusing on the Dutch market.

KINEGRITY is an initiative from Lucas Klerk and and Peter Koelewijn. It is being developed at Eindhoven University of Technology. Their core business is to allow solar panels to follow the sun at very low costs, which can result in a maximum increase of generated power by 50%.

Printr developed an operating system for 3D printers. Their goal is to make 3D printing easier than was ever possible before. You can pre-order their Element already.

ReSnap enables you to create a photo book in minutes, based on your Facebook or Instagram account.

VSParticle tries to turn the nanotechnology hype into real business. They want to make small and clean particles accessible on a large scale. The founders of VSParticle are Prof. dr. Andreas Schmidt-Ott (Advisor), Tobias Pfeiffer (CTO), ir. Aaike van Vugt (CEO) and Delft University of Technology.

Social Sponsoring -That’s us!- enables fundraising though online shopping. Charities, healthcare organizations, sports clubs, cultural events, nonprofit organizations and many other initiatives are struggling to make ends meet because of a drop in sponsorship revenues caused by the ongoing crisis. Social Sponsoring enables fundraising through online shopping. Fans, friends and family can sponsor an initiative by shopping online via Social Sponsoring. After having won the Rabobank Ondernemersprijs 2014 a while ago, we are very proud to be one of the semi-finalists now in the Philips Innovation Award 2015!

Social Sponsoring - How Does it work?

Next to these seven semi-finalists, also Pearltect, Smart Blocks and The Blue Battery were selected. Five of the mentioned semi-finalists will go through to the finals of the Philips Innovation Award 2015. The finalists will be announced on Thursday, the 9th of April. A Jury consisting of captains of industry will select the winner of the Philips Innovation Award 2015. This Jury will be presided by the CEO of Philips, Frans van Houten.

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