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Improve your marketing reach and Corporate Social Responsibility by becoming a global no-cure no-pay sponsor

Social Sponsoring is a platform where sponsors and initiatives meet. Initiatives range from individuals who are saving for the trip of their life to globally active charity organizations. Sponsors are companies that sell online such as, Adidas and Groupon. Social Sponsoring distinguishes itself from other sponsoring methods by making the Return On Investment 100% measurable. We believe that nowadays, sponsorship should be seen as an investment instead of a donation. Social Sponsoring enables commercial organizations to act on their Corporate Social Responsibility while also being in control over their Return On Investment. By partnering with Social Sponsoring your organization will attract more customers without the risk of overpaying for marketing. In fact, you determine yourself what amount or percentage you are donating to charity for every individual product that you are selling online. Customers will empathize with your organization because you are donating to charity and they will be more likely to promote your webshop to their friends and family. 59 Percent of all people will consult friends or family members before making a purchase. The main reason to decide not to partner with Social Sponsoring is that you might believe that it will not help you to generate new sales. The theory is that people would have bought your product anyway, also when Social Sponsoring would not have been there. According to this theory, webshops would only lower their profit margins by joining Social Sponsoring. Imagine that a webshop offers a commission of 5% on all it’s sales through Social Sponsoring. Now, if someone associated with an initiative decides to buy something in your webshop through Social Sponsoring, you will donate 5% to the charity that this person is associated with. The main question now is: would this same person have bought the product anyway, also when you would not have partnered with Social Sponsoring? And would it be more likely for this person to come back to your webshop in the future because of its partnership with Social Sponsoring? If the answer to this first question is yes and to the second answer is no, there will be no good Return On Investment for you since there is no added value in terms of revenue. However, by partnering with Social Sponsoring your webshop will also generate more sales. As mentioned before, people will empathize with your webshop because you are donating to charity. Shoppers also might have never heard of your webshop when you would not have partnered with Social Sponsoring. Many Social Sponsoring users are committed to their cause and are willing to pay more for a product if the webshop they are buying at will sponsor their cause with their purchase. You might even be able to ask more for your products because you can justify this by donating a part to charity. Another reason why Social Sponsoring can actually increase your sales is word of mouth. Charities will promote your webshops, increasing your total reach. But also people that are involved with that charity will motivate their friends and family to shop at webshops that support their cause through Social Sponsoring.

You can partner with Social Sponsoring and start acting on your Corporate Social Responsibility by donating a part of your revenues to charity. Social Sponsoring will facilitate the donation infrastructure and make sure that donations end up at the right charities. Social Sponsoring is free to use for both sponsors and charities. This is possible because Social Sponsoring works based on no-cure no-pay. Only when you are certain that you have made a profit already, you will be donating to charity and pay a fee to Social Sponsoring. 75% of the amount that your webshop pays out will be donated to the charity organization and the other 25% goes to Social Sponsoring.

Social Sponsoring will increase your reach using the following methods. First of all, charities all have their own unique Sponsor overview page. Second, this Sponsor overview page is also available as a Facebook Pagetab, increasing your reach through Social Media. Last, your reach will also extended to the websites of charity’s and sports clubs. The most valuable increase in your reach will probably be through word of mouth.

To become a sponsor of Social Sponsoring, you need a tracking method for proper registration of sales through referrals. Perhaps you already have such a system in place. Otherwise it is best to join an Affiliate Marketing platform such as CJ, Rakuten Affiliate Network or TradeDoubler. Once you have a proper tracking method in place, please contact us via

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